ODOT Approves $3 Million to be Used for Engineering Design of I-675/Wilmington Pike Interchange Improvements

News Release

September 23, 2021

TRAC funding will allow interchange project to move forward to next phase of development

The Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) has approved $3 million from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Major New Capacity Program to advance improvements at the I-675/Wilmington Pike interchange. The funding, which will require a local match, is a key step in efforts to increase safety, ease congestion and support development within the region. 

The I-675/Wilmington Pike Interchange provides access to key thoroughfares that serve not only major employers and commercial centers but also residents and recreational users. A feasibility study to explore needed improvements to the interchange and surrounding roadways launched in late 2020, with data collection currently underway. That study is expected to be complete in 2022. The TRAC funding will be used for engineering design, including surveying and environmental review, for the I-675/Wilmington Pike interchange improvements. 

“In coming together across city and county lines — even across two ODOT districts — we’re promoting regional collaboration to transform this area, making it safer and less congested,” said Greene County Engineer Stephanie Ann Goff. “The current feasibility study will provide us with an analysis of existing and projected traffic, as well as a framework to evaluate potential solutions that increase the capacity of the interchange and the surrounding roadway network.” 

In addition to Greene County, Centerville and Sugarcreek Township have come together to support the feasibility study to plan improvements in partnership with the Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District (MCTID). The MCTID works across geographic and political lines to improve safety, increase mobility and build connectivity in local communities, while stimulating economic development and enhancing the quality of life throughout the region. All three jurisdictions are serving as members of the feasibility study team, with initial efforts financed through local funding and State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) loans.

The area has seen significant growth in recent years thanks to investments by Premier Health Miami Valley Hospital South and Sinclair Community College, as well as the expansion of the Cornerstone of Centerville mixed-use retail, commercial and residential development. 

“We’ve been working to obtain funding for the I-675/Wilmington Pike Interchange improvements as part of our five-year strategic plan, and the TRAC award is a key milestone,” said Brooks Compton, mayor of the City of Centerville. 

Tens of thousands of drivers use Wilmington Pike and I-675 daily. Modifications to the existing interchange and improvements throughout the corridor have the potential not only to reduce travel delays but also to accommodate expected future development.

“We appreciate the regional collaboration on this project and look forward to the findings of the feasibility study, which will help with prioritizing improvements,” said Barry Tiffany, Sugarcreek Township administrator. “We’re thankful to ODOT for helping us push the interchange improvements forward.” 

“This project will do much to improve the transportation network in Greene and Montgomery counties, and we are looking forward to our continued relationship with our local partners in the area,” said District 8 Deputy Director Tammy Campbell.

The TRAC funds will be used specifically for the engineering design of the I-675/Wilmington Interchange improvements. TRAC received 36 new applications for development or construction of transportation projects this year. A draft list of projects recommended for funding was published in late August, with public input sought through mid-September. 

Awards were finalized at TRAC’s Sept. 22 meeting, representing $292 million in new funding commitments. Funding for the I-675/Wilmington Pike Interchange design was awarded as part of the Tier II list of projects that require additional environmental, design or right-of-way development activities before they would be available for construction.

Results from the I-675/Wilmington Pike Interchange feasibility study are expected in 2022, with engineering design for the interchange to follow.


The Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District is a strategic and trusted partner facilitating regional partnerships to improve public roadways and support job creation. The TID is engaged with projects at the request of other Montgomery County jurisdictions to improve safety, increase mobility and build connectivity in local communities, while stimulating economic development and enhancing the quality of life throughout the region.