Jackson Road and Douglas Way Improvements

The Jackson Road and Douglas Way Improvements Project will establish a new roadway connection to the north of Jackson Road. In addition, a section of Jackson Road will be widened near the Procter & Gamble Dayton Mixing Center and Dayton International Airport.


Douglas Way is closed to through traffic.


Construction will be begin in the Spring of 2023 on the extension of Douglas Way, north to Old Springfield Road. Estimated completion is Fall of 2023.


$8.2 million

COMMUNITY BENEFIT: The new roadway will improve access to new and existing businesses in the area and support better traffic flow for both commercial and residential traffic. Additional improvements will provide stronger infrastructure as job creation and other economic opportunities occur throughout the area. 

DETAILED SCOPE: The first phase of the project will start at Jackson Road and extend north toward Old Springfield Road. Street lighting, sanitary sewer and water, as well as drainage improvements will accompany the new roadway.

In addition, a 2,100-foot section of Jackson Road will be widened southwest of the Procter & Gamble Dayton Mixing Center. Specifically, it will:

  • Widen the existing roadway from two to three lanes in the project area.
  • Construct and install curbs and gutters along the new section of roadway.
  • Add street lighting.
  • Install new sanitary sewer lines and water mains.

The extension of Douglas Way to Old Springfield Road will be constructed in the Spring of 2023.