Traffic on US 40 will be maintained throughout construction, although lane closures and lane shifts may be required. Short-term (15 minutes or less) night closures also may be needed for utility work. Signed detours of cross-streets of up to three days may be required during signal work and pavement tie-in.


Construction will begin in November 2020. Substantial completion is expected by October 2021, with the new roadway opening by Spring 2022.


$14.9 million

COMMUNITY BENEFIT: Plans for US 40 and the interchange will improve safety, reduce traffic congestion and increase access to both existing businesses and new business development.

The US 40 improvements proactively address growth in traffic expected over the next several decades to ensure continuous and efficient traffic flow for all who travel through this area. At the same time, they provide significant economic benefits by making development more attractive and competitive in the area, resulting in the potential for an increased local tax base.

DETAILED SCOPE: The project addresses roadway design issues while adding capacity. It includes:

  • Constructing a new continuous five-lane section of US 40 from just west of Union Airpark Boulevard to Airport Access Road, with two through lanes in each direction and a center left turn lane.
  • Extending the five-lane section of roadway from the Terminal Drive interchange west to Union Airpark Boulevard.
  • Tapering the roadway from Union Airpark Boulevard back to two lanes to the west.
  • Reconstructing the ramps to Airport Access Road to meet modern design standards and improve the interchange‚Äôs safety.
  • Upgrading traffic signals at the interchange of US 40 and Airport Access Road.