Intersection Improvements at Miamisburg-Springboro Road and Benner Road

This project, also known as the Mound or Church Connector project, is a segment in a corridor that includes upgrading Miamisburg-Springboro Pike (a Montgomery County Road) from Medlar Road to Benner Road (a local road within the City of Miamisburg and Miami Township limits) and Benner Road from Miamisburg-Springboro Pike to Dayton-Cincinnati Pike. This intersection improvement is part of the Austin Interchange Infrastructure Plan and completes the final segment of roadway improvements on the west side of I-75 at Austin Blvd.


There are no traffic impacts at this time. Please drive carefully.


Intersection design is scheduled for 2024 and construction is expected to begin in early 2027.


Approximately $4 million

COMMUNITY BENEFIT: This project, in conjunction with the Austin Interchange Infrastructure Plan, improves roadway safety and expands the vehicle capacity of Miamisburg-Springboro Pike and Benner Road. The improvements also open access from the I-75/Austin Interchange to the Mound Business Park and Hutchings Industrial Park to encourage more economic development in the area.

Due to the roads being in multiple jurisdictions, the leaders from the respective areas came together to support this effort to complete the Austin Interchange Infrastructure Plan.

DETAILED SCOPE: The roadway improvement involves the construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of Miamisburg-Springboro Road and Benner Road. In addition, Benner Road from the east will be re-aligned to assist in the flow of traffic approaching the roundabout.

The City of Miamisburg secured $1 million in Community Project Funding from Congressman Turner to enhance and receive ODOT Safety Funds to design and construct the roundabout at Miamisburg Springboro Pike & Benner Road, which will cost approximately $4 million in total.