I-675/Wilmington Pike Interchange Project

The I-675 and Wilmington Pike Interchange Project consists of two studies analyzing the existing and projected traffic at the I-675 and Wilmington Pike Interchange and the surrounding local roadway network, which serves a number of large employers, residents and a growing commerce corridor.


It is anticipated that the two feasibility studies will be completed in 2024. The detailed design is targeted to be completed by 2025.


Funding to Date: $3 million for the Preliminary Engineering Costs for the Primary Interchange Project (TRAC)

Community Benefit: The I-675 and Wilmington Pike Interchange serves major employment and commercial centers, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Sinclair College, and Premier Health, as well as the Cornerstone Development shopping and entertainment district. Growing congestion issues, along with continued opportunity for economic growth in the area, has prompted local interests to consider improvements to both the interchange and the local roadway network to support the City of Centerville, Sugarcreek Township, and Greene County.

To ensure the proposed project is viable and successful, all those interested were invited to attend and participate in the Public Involvement Open House on July 13 and 18, 2023. Access public meeting announcement here.

In addition, there was an on-line Public Involvement Open House that began on July 18, 2023. Although the time period for public comment has ended, the documents and display materials are still available for the public to view. Please see the respective links provided below to access the information.

Questions or comments: Please contact:

Vanessa Glotfelter, Montgomery County TID – Phone: 513-265-2627 – Email: vglotfelter@mctid.org

See Meeting Announcement

Public Open House Information & Displays

Submit your Comments Here (Closed for additional comments, but comments submitted by August 18, 2023, are available to view.)

Detailed Scope: The project is moving forward with two distinct components: the Influence Area Feasibility Study and the Primary Interchange Project Feasibility Study.

The Influence Area Feasibility Study, funded 100 percent by the City of Centerville, Sugarcreek Township and Greene County, will provide a comprehensive analysis of existing and projected traffic within the influence area and establish a prioritization of improvements to the local roadway network affected by improvements to the actual interchange.

The Primary Interchange Project Study will evaluate potential improvements to the actual interchange. The Project has been awarded $3M from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s TRAC (Transportation Review Advisory Council) Tier II funds to complete the study and advance to the next stage of development and preliminary engineering.