Byers Road Relocation & Improvement Project

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The project was planned, designed and constructed in connection with the Austin Interchange Project. It included the relocation and improvement of Byers Road, an unimproved 2-lane local roadway that terminated on Miamisburg Springboro Pike just west of I-75. The TID was the turnkey deliverer of the project which included design, financing, right-of-way acquisition, and construction of

(1) a 5-lane urban roadway to connect improved sections of northern Byers Road to align with Wood Road at Miamisburg Springboro Pike,

(2) upgrades to a 5-lane urban section of isolated unimproved sections of Byers Road north to Technical Drive and

(3) complementary sidewalks and recreation trails.

Project partners included the ODOT District 7, the MVRPC, the Ohio Public Works Commission, the City of Miamisburg, Miami Township, Montgomery CountyLJB Inc., and Fechko Excavating.


The purpose of the project was to enhance

(1) safe operation of the new Austin Interchange by adequately separating Byers from the Interchange and

(2) economic development of the region by improving access to more than 400 acres of prime industrial and commercial real estate.

More specifically, Byers Road was improved geometrically and structurally (including utilities and stormwater) to meet current roadway design standards and accommodate future traffic and development demands.